People of the Internet heed our call! Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is starting to wind down and we are looking forward to our next project, but before we do we want to hear from the people!

So let us know what are your top Norn/Miel games! I’ll be monitoring Twitter and our website trying to log all your suggestions and we’ll have an announcement in the future of which game we are going to work on next.

While this is going on we have the newest Wild Romance update rolling out with Galleries, Steam achievements, and 4:3 CG scenes and with that we also had to update the Patch for the Steam version since we are adding new images to the game in the form of Gallery thumbnails that are NSFW so we can’t hide those in the Steam update, for the Nutaku players don’t fret the complete updated package will be launching there as well. You can expect these updates early next week!

As always you can download the patch on this page and…



This has been a public lewdness announcement from your friends at Cherry Kiss, have a wild weekend~