Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is getting an upgrade to version 1.1! We’ve heard your feedback on Twitter and in the Steam Forums and have been hard at work to get these new features into the game. With the new update, we had to update the patch to  include the thumbnail images for the gallery so when Steam updates the game make sure you download your new patch file here:



The Gallery allows you to review the sequence of each H-scene in the game as you click through the slideshow and the CG scenes have both the 4:3 and 16:9 versions for you to look at as well. Speaking of the CG scenes we mimicked the effect we have for the H-scenes where there is a border around the image that features a zoomed snippets of the original image. For the Nutaku players don’t worry these features will be available in an update for you as well!

We also have something specific to Steam, there are Achievements now! You might have to reload some saves to unlock all 16 of the achievements, but they’re there so happy hunting! As always please feel free to tweet us feedback or post on the Steam forums since we are always looking for ways to improve.