The game is now live on Steam! Please remember Steam downloaders you will need to install the free patch file to enjoy all of the un-cut adult scenes.

We’re also excited to announce that starting today a full 18+ version that does not require a patch is now available on Nutaku is a leading online store for adult visual novels and we encourage everyone to go take a look. Our agreement with Nutaku gives them one month exclusive for sites other than Steam so please be patient for other platforms and online stores.

Now that Wild Romance has launched on Steam and Nutaku we have been asked:

“What’s next for Cherry Kiss?”

For now, I have been reading through our Twitter and the Steam forums and working to address some of the desired features ya’ll have requested. One of the big ones that I’m happy to say should be out soon is adding a Gallery. Just today we have begun testing a new build that includes 4:3 original unedited CG images and implementing a Gallery that is accessible from the Main Menu.

With Wild Romance going strong we hope to continue bringing out English versions of other Norn/Miel titles since *none* of them have made it outside of Japan yet. We hope that Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition will blaze the trail for more of their titles to follow!