This one’s HUGE, so you better cum with all the HORNY you got!!

This ones a real numbers game. We are talking 43 H-scenes, 20 different girls to impregnate, and at least 5 quintillion gallons of sperm to be ejaculated…

The male birth rate is dangerously low, and the prestigious Amane family needs to secure some heirs! As part of your grandfather’s will, it’s up to you as the only living male of the family to make sure your bloodline & the town’s population doesn’t die out, with a new law giving you supreme fucking authority, anytime, anywhere ♥

Embark on an epic journey of discovery, finding all the best tail in town. Your local heiresses, nurses, shrine maidens, and all the suburban snatch is yours to be dicked down in the most depraved ways you can dream up.

Get to work, this town of temptresses ain’t gonna impregnate themselves.

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