Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk

  • Release Date

    November 30, 2024

  • Original Developer


  • Platform

    Windows, Linux, MacOS

  • Languages

    English, Chinese(TW), Chinese(CN), Spanish

Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk


Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk

After being summoned to another world and being found lacking in certain “heroic qualities” your hopes of having a harem are dashed when, instead of getting an OP ability to save the world, the power the goddess awoke within you was: “magic item creation”. While it’s kind of handy, it isn’t exactly the most useful for combat, so you aren’t about to go battling monsters and sweeping princesses off their feet.

Who wants to be stuck in town peddling wares like some kind of NPC when day in and day out all sorts of fantasy babes are strutting up and down the streets in those skimpy outfits! With a little creative craftingyou’ll be set with all the magical tools you need to bring these women onto their knees. Magic lube, slime traps, leashes and more, oh my!



Hilde, the Dark Elf Dancer, is known all across town for her impish personality, she *dances* on the fine line between flirty and friendly! She walks around town in that skimpy dancer outfit, showing off the goods and leaving little to the imagination. With a little magic intervention to make yourself her #1 VIP, you’ll be getting access to all kinds of private dances.


This half-devil sorceress is a cutie with a booty, and plump thighs that certainly saved lives!! Chloe is an introverted magical item otaku, so it is up to you to unlock the secret slut hiding behind those innocent eyes by snapping her choker and keeping your new pet on a tight leash, literally!


This elf princess looks down on humankind, especially trashy item merchants like our protag! Don’t take this insult lying down, and show her what a human male is really capable of. With a little slimy help you’ll teach Eilen that her place is literally beneath you ♥


A princess knight beloved by the people, Tiaris’ heart full of honor and courage- and soon her womb will be full of your baby batter! Help her out on a quest to defeat some liches, and be repaid with all sorts of bodily riches.


This water goddess has gotta take responsibility for bringing you to the new fantasy world, and what better way to do it than by satisfying your need to breed. With some carefully crafted items, you’ll be able to humiliate her and have her worship the divine dickings you dole out instead!


The developers describe the content like this:

• Large portions of the game include nudity and graphic descriptions of sexual activities.
• Characters engage in BDSM, elements including; domination, tattooing, and sexual accessories. bondage, and impact play.
• There are scenes of sexual intercourse involving pregnant characters.
• Characters are blackmailed/coerced into performing sexual acts.
• Some scenes include characters engaging in nonconsensual sexual acts.




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