Cuckies & Cream: Maids for Milking

  • Release Date

    September 22, 2023

  • Original Developer


  • Platform

    Windows, Linux, MacOS

  • Languages

    English, Chinese(TW), Chinese(CN), Spanish

Cuckies and Cream Maids for Milking feature


Madam, if you have no money won’t you sell your body? That’s where you and your huge… «wallet» come in! At first they’re doing it to pay off their husband’s debts, but once these four married maids are hooked on your donations they’ll be calling you Master in no time~

Cuckies & Cream: Maids for Milking Is the English localization of a Visual Novel originally created by prolific Japanese developer Miel. We at Cherry Kiss aim to provide an authentic Japanese Visual Novel experience to gamers outside of Japan.



Come in to quench your thirst with two giant jugs of Ayano's own mommy milk.


If that doesn't hit the spot try tossing a healthy salad with the innocent glasses-wearing Yuri- she'll really appreciate if you can provide her with some of your special sauce.


Chisato is a former model who will provide you with excellent eye candy as she performs the shop's special charm to make sure the food is delicious and the sex is hot and sweaty. Say it with me if you know it, "Moe Moe CUUUUUUM! Hard-on desu YOO~ "


Make sure you leave some room for desert as we have aphrodisiac laced chocolate fed to you mouth-to-mouth style by a tsundere tomboy to finish off this four course meal!

  • Translated version of the original Japanese Visual Novel
  • All four milky maids are fully voiced with original Japanese dialogue
  • Original artwork HD upscaled with 16:9 and 4:3 variants
  • Hours of story content
  • Audio including music and special effects
  • Enhanced with character sprite animations
  • Gallery and Scene selections
  • A full on orgy in front of the helpless husbands as you fuck their wives before their eyes!



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