A New Harems come to be BRED!

The Sun is out and the buns are soon to follow!

Give these girls that much needed vitamin D! We celebrate another year of rebirth with the Spring Breeding sale + bundle combo!

Get MANY Cherry Kiss Breeding titles for Up to 50% OFF when you level up to the highest breeding tier package.

Bundle up for breeding season and ensure you have plenty of waifu babes to bury that seed in…


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Back again to “scare” the cum right outta you! (UP to 50% OFF bundles!)

They’re cute cum crazed and horny, just the way I like my monster girls. Putting some great gems from the past alongside HOT new titles like Harem King and Stealing a Monster Girl Harem.

Looking to get the best bang for your buck? We’ve created bundles for all levels of VN aficionados. Start your humble monster girl Harem, or grow it too extravagant proportions 😉

Give her a conquering she won’t forget…


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Start 2023 with a FIT FUCK ~ Muscle MILF!

The ever growing popular trend in strong girls is here, and we are here for it, so is @zombaebby!~ Back again voicing another English dub for the drooling horny horde that can’t get enough of the good stuff.

She’s well trained and ready for marathon fucking sessions. Prepare your body for this hotty. Your construction worker boss can’t boss you around for long once she finds pleasure in what you’re packing.

Rise up and get a feel for what it’s like to be inside the fit bosses box and have total control over her onaho.


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Oversized Oppai+ ~ (UP to 35% OFF)

Y’all been asking for it and we come to deliver the double D destroyers! These bundles are PACKED with girls that ascend the double D’s- MEGA MILKERS

Overdose on oppai with these massive milkers. Perky plump funbags will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. With our newest title Manga Maker’s Mega Milkers as a staple in all bundles you’ll be treated to a team of cute honeys with huge hooters.

A curated MASSIVE MILKERS bundle, we know you’ve been wanting it.


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Yuko-chan’s passion for porn’s insatiable!

You want that authentic Otaku girlfriend experience?!

This title has got you covered, and you’ll be covering that otaku GF with your goo for weeks to come!~

Drawn to your dick this manga artist is interested in studying the art of a hard cock and you’re more than happy to lend her your member in this title filled with satirical manga + anime references.

With a topnotch performance from the lewdest e-girl on the net (@omystephanie) breathing life into Yuko you’ll be cumming to the symphony of sucking and salacious behavior. Keep your eyes on the prize… giant manga girl TIDDIES AND GLORIOUS GOOEY HOLES instead of reading the text, or as always keep the voice in all Japanese!

Engorge yourself in a true ero-manga girlfriend experience, enjoy all the sites’n’sounds it has to offer without leaving the comfort of your bedroom~


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A Very Cummy Valentine is bursting to be unwrapped…

You gonna have enough love juice for all these Valentines?

Cum once
Cum Twice
You bet this sale is nice~

Titles and bundles of busty babes waiting to be cum drenched on this the most horniest of days. Screw the poetry and get down to the literature that truly tugs- at the heartstrings, HARDCORE ADULT VNs!

My Cummy Valentines from now until the 16th. Pick up a heavily discounted bundle and keep those love juices flowing~


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Groundhog Day means STUFFIN’ WAIFUS!!

Not here to shame you about that HOG swinging around down there, we are just suggesting you hideout through the coldest winter months by getting warmed up and wet in the walls of your new favorite waifus…

Hide that HOG in waifus and escape the bitter cold of winter the hottest way possible, fuckin’ and suckin’. This bundle’s been curated for those looking to hide their hog in as many holes as possible. Grab a waifu and get stuffin’!

Your dick will never see the light of day again. It’ll be too busy balls deep in your new HAREM!


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2023 Year of the BREED! – I mean BUNNY~! (up to 50% OFF!)

That’s right Lunar New Year is here and we are celebrating with a bundle that will have you blissfully breeding like a bunny!

Bundles of humping heroins and cute kemonomimis from the Cherry Kiss catalog will have you pumping into the new year with a double dose of dopamine! Celebrate the year of the rabbit the right way, a ravenous breeding rampage through waifu and best girls alike!

So ring in the new year in the best way possible pop off, and enjoy the comforts only a good waifu can bring you~


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Come for the Kinky Cosplay, Stay for the Gyarus (20% OFF LAUNCH)

Oppai, Cosplay and Gyarus… the HENTAI holy trinity just dropped in your lap you lucky son of a…

These Gyarus have gone wild for cosplay and you find yourself at the gooey center of their new favorite horny hobby. Glazing Gyarus like the best of ‘em in this full feature of fetish, freakiness and heavy cream…

The gals in this title are fully voiced and ready to play, so don’t miss your chance at getting the true Gyaru experience today at the discounted launch price of 20% OFF~


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Up To 70% OFF This Steam Winter Sale!

Steam Winter Sale is going to keep you warm through the seeding season…

Make a fire the old fashioned way and get rubbing with these fan favorites. We jammed a whole lot of crowd pleasers into this sale for you guys. The Steam Winter Sale is live and you’ve been waiting for it for some time, take full advantage. 😈



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