Patch Instructions (Mofu Mofu Edition ONLY)

To activate the Patch for your Steam installation follow these instructions:

  • Right click on Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition in your Steam Library page, and click ‘Properties’
  • In the Properties window go to the ‘Local Files’ tab and click the button “Browse local files”
  • This opens a window in your File Explorer where the game is installed, you should see the WildRomancePV.exe file and several folders
  • Open the “game” folder, you should see an archive file. Drop the Patch file in this folder and the next time you run the game in the top right corner it should indicate you have activated the ‘Mofu Mofu Edition’



Options Explanations

Rollback Side: Enabling this allows you to touch a specified side of the screen to go back one page of dialogue.
Skip Settings: Enabling “Unseen Text” allows players to skip text that the game has not displayed before. “After Choices” is enabled, when a player gets to a choice screen as soon as they pick an option the game will immediately begin skipping again. When “Transitions” is enabled the game will skip the visual effects that play between scene changes.
X-Ray Shots: Enabling X-Ray Shots allows a cut-in image to appear during H-Scenes when the protagonist climaxes inside of another character, this image shows an “X-Ray” view of the characters.

Slider Settings

Text Speed: This controls how quickly the game displays each letter/character of dialogue, moving the slider left the time between each character and moving it right makes the characters take longer to appear.
Auto-Forward Time: This sets how quickly the dialogue is advanced when the game is set to“Auto” moving the slider left makes the next page appear with a shorter delay once all the characters on the current page have been displayed while moving it right increased this delay.
Music, Sound, Voice Volume: Moving the slider left lowers the volumes and moving it right raises the volume.


We are trying to make the best Visual Novel experience possible, to that end if you encounter any issues or have any feedback please let us know. E-mail us at Or tweet @wildromancegame