Hello guys, it’s me, your boy Jeremiah ready for another juicy translator’s corner fresh out of the basement this time with Commander Babes aka “Sengoku period generals are hot now?!”

Were you the kid that failed history when you were at school? Well, fear not thanks to Commander Babes™, your primary source of historical accuracy and degeneracy human intercourse (sex).

The story takes place in the *insert current year here*, where our protagonist Jun is casually cleaning the dean’s office with his childhood friend Yui, but right when Yui was cleaning the vases boom she manages to break one of them. Suddenly out of that broken vase appear two women out of nowhere and they start fighting as soon as they see each other! If only our protagonist knew of a way to calm them down… (this is when I wink).

And who might those two girls be? – you may be asking yourself; well they are actually Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen themselves! Yes, you heard right dear reader, you’ve been lied to your whole life, because those two historical japanese generals were women all along. What peril awaits Jun and the other characters thereon after? Only you can find out.

Apart from Jun there are a plethora of characters that are present in the game and give it life, those being Shingen, Kenshin, and Yui; Jun’s childhood friend.

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Shingen is the outgoing girl out of the two (left in the pic); she is more open to naughty stuff with the protagonist. She’s also pretty curious – always wanting to learn new things- and last but not least: big boobs.

Kenshin is the pure girl type(right in the pic). She’s a maiden, very shy and always reserved when it comes to sex, and she doesn’t only have big boobs as well, but she also doesn’t even know what sex is! Hold your tears dear reader, you’ll be able to help her know all about it with the power of the enter key as you drift through this magical adventure.

The plot not only consists of that sexy fun with the girls though, but it also has deep lore, historical references of those ancient Sengoku times in Japan, and even maths, reserved for only the highest IQ individuals.

Translation process is something that might be intriguing for some people so I’ll talk a bit about it: nukiges might seem like easy games to translate for some people but in reality each game has their own challenges, the common ones being the characterization of the girls and the protagonist plus translating the text so the naughty scenes don’t sound all the same. All of the characters had distinct and clear personalities, which were a blast to work on, especially the protagonist since I wanted to make him sound like an actual person and not just a permavirgin all the time.

The process of making the sensual scenes diverse was more challenging, as it takes quite the amount of time to think for suitable equivalents and ways of describing what categorizes as the same act over and over again, but it is a fun experience overall (for real!).

Commander Babes will most likely be available after the release of Breeding Village (check it out, great game, low price, and sensual vibes). It being my first professional gig makes me nervous, but hopefully, you, dear reader, find yourself liking this piece (and hopefully letting me know the quality of your experience in our company’s discord?).

This will be everything for today folks, but be sure to tune in for more translator corners by yours truly in the near / not so near future. May the Lord bless you all.