Inugami: Doggy Dojo!

Kazuma was born into a long line of martial artists. But, he wants more out of life than inheriting his father’s dojo. His father, in an effort to toughen him up, sends him to the ominous “Inugami Island” where he comes across Tomoe, an Inugami dog spirit, who agrees to teach him her long-lost martial arts.


Deviant Dungeon

Summoned into a world of only women, and tasked by the Demon Queen to fortify her dungeon against the world’s strongest heroines. Use perverted traps to capture them one and a time, and force them to submit. Build a mighty harem and who knows, it might bring the Demon Queen to her knees…


Angel, Devil, Elf and Me!

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Ayumu is just your average bachelor until out of nowhere three gorgeous women from a fantasy world burst through a portal into his living room. It turns out our ‘normal guy’ Ayumu is somehow the descendant of a legendary Hero and of course, any children he has will be incredibly powerful! Join Ayumu as his everyday life is turned upside down as beautiful girls from across dimensions battle it out for his ‘essence!’

Ayumu, not being the type who enjoys seeing these lovely ladies tear each other (and his house) apart, Ayumu steps in and pleads that they not fight over him so the three decide it is up to Ayumu to choose one among them to become his bride. Each of the girls try to appeal to him in their own unique way, Rizabel is a saucy succubus and princess of hell who wants to seduce Ayumu so she can have powerful children to rule over hell. Elysia, the motherly angel, wishes to marry Ayumu to prevent his overwhelming essence from falling into the wrong hands she takes a more soothing and pampering approach to win Ayumu over. Finally Hilda the leader of a clan of Dark Elves hopes to marry Ayumu so that his essence will provide her clan with many strong children, she comes off as very noble and stoic but is quite a novice when it comes to romance and her awkward attempts to woo Ayumu might just do the trick.

Check out the story of the unlikely descendant of a Hero who finds himself beset by beautiful brides from another world as he tries to figure out just how he is going to handle the situation he finds himself in with the three other-worldly women and lead a happy married life.

Angel, Devil, Elf and Me! Comes with all the Adult Content included in the  Steam release! That means no patches, all the content will be in the base game for everyone (who is above 18, or whatever age you need to be to look at anime boobs is) to enjoy.

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Don’t fret if Steam isn’t your go-to choice for quality ero content! We will still be rolling out a DRM free version through JAST and FAKKU. The Android version that comes with all the the 18+ content as well will be distributed on FAKKU and


Master of the Harem Guild

Damien, a “Monster Tamer” living in a fantasy world is scorned by the beautiful members of a prestigious guild. He embarks on a quest for revenge by heading into the Forest of Evil to become stronger and to prove to those who doubted him that he has the makings of a great hero! Instead of acquiring strength and skills in the forest Damien instead encounters a demon who grants him an ‘unexpected’ power that will help him stick it to those beautiful ladies from the guild who made fun of him.

With his new found powers in tow Damien sets out to get his revenge on the four people who laughed him out of the guild’s recruitment event. Alicia is the Priestess, a gentle healer who might be too innocent for her own good.  Tina, a deadly sniper who earned herself the nickname of “Demon Bullet Princess”, who is a spunky gal who wears her heart on her sleeve. Sara, a powerful witch, her cold attitude earned her the nickname “Ice Queen”. Sonia the Paladin rounds out the group, her impenetrable defense is her greatest pride as she claims to have put aside her womanhood to pursue becoming a great hero.

Join Damien as he plots and schemes to exact his ultimate revenge on the ‘Knights of the Round’ and where his lewd machinations cause the gears in a much bigger plan to fall into place and put the world in more peril that one could imagine!

Cherry Kiss is working on improving the reach and quality of its future releases and to that end we will be developing Harem Guild in the Unity Engine. We’ll be carrying over the improved features from Wild Romance and rebuilding them in the Unity architecture. Harem Guild is slated for release on Android and Windows PC, with a free 18+ patch being available for the Steam version of the game.


Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet

Follow the story of Kota, a mild-mannered student in Japan who is a fan of the up and coming Idol sensation Rui Kurumizaka. Wouldn’t you know it she happens to attend the same university as him and is in one of his classes!

Too shy to approach the cool and popular Rui, Kota is happy just to be in the same classroom as her. Then one day an accident occurs and the contents of Rui’s bag spill out on the floor revealing an S&M magazine! Our hero steps up and claims ownership in order to save the true owner the embarrassment of owning up to possessing such salacious literature. And thus begins an unexpected and unusual affair.

Join Kota and Rui as they explore the world of depravity as Master and Pet~

As many fans are aware adult-themed visual novels are a common genre within Japanese gaming culture. The mission of Cherry Kiss Games is to provide the authentic Japanese Visual Novel experience to the rest of the world. Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet is our second localization project and this time we are going to use Kickstarter to help us fund the translation effort to bring this game to both PC and Android devices.

You can download the Demo of Tsundere Idol here as well as a patch for the Demo available on Kickstarter:


And Check out our Kickstarter page by clicking on the image below.

There is also an NSFW trailer on PornHub you can Check out below. Please note this contains explicit sexual content.

Watch on PornHub


Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition

Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition contains all the adult content previously missing from the original Steam release of Wild Romance. The founders of Cherry Kiss Games recognized the quality of the original title and noticed the outpouring from fans looking for a full version of the game in English. An agreement was initially made to complete the translation of all adult scenes which more than doubled the total game text to over 100,000 words. As part of this process the UI was overhauled and sprite animations were added to allow for a more dynamic experience. Subsequently Cherry Kiss acquired rights to both Wild Romance and Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition.

Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is the story of Kazuma as he returns from an unhappy life in Tokyo to his hometown in the Japanese countryside where he reconnects with four female classmates. When the girls accidentally reveal that they are not mere humans but actually magical animal spirits in human form, a journey of discovery begins. Expanding on the original version this now includes a variety of sexual experiences as Kazuma initiates each of the four female protagonists into womanhood.

Sumire is the fox and leader of the pack. She has a motherly instinct and a deep desire for physical contact. Tsubaki is the cat and second in command. She knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it. Aoi is the dog and the youngest of the four. She’s obedient, full of energy and always wanting to please her male companion. The final girl, Nazuna is the tanuki or Japanese raccoon. She’s smart with a seductively creative mind but also a bit of a troublemaker.

As many fans are aware adult-themed visual novels are a common genre within Japanese gaming culture. The mission of Cherry Kiss Games is to provide the authentic Japanese Visual Novel experience to the rest of the world. Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is hopefully the first of many that we will be able to translate and introduce to a global audience.

Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is available on Windows PC and Android.

** PLEASE NOTE ** Steam has placed rules about including and publicizing adult content on their platform. As such when you purchase and download from Steam it does not include any explicit sex. You will need to download a free patch file and install on your computer according to the instructions on this page. We respect the rules that Steam sets and we thank you for your understanding.



An NSFW promotional trailer is available on PornHub at the link below. Please note this contains explicit sexual content.
Watch on PornHub

update 1.3

Wild Romance – Update 1.3

We have added full Spanish support to Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition. We have created an Spanish version of the “all-ages” version of the game as well that we are selling on for $0.99! People who never got to play the original Wild Romance can get an idea of what the story is about before taking the $14.99 plunge for the “full game” (but really the 18+ content) Since the steam store cannot be localized we are also selling Steam keys for the bilingual Mofu Mofu Edition on as well.

Speaking of selling! We should be going live on JAST on the 28th of March, finally we got around to sending a long winded email that basically amounted to “you can set the game live now, k thanks.” JAST will be launching with the bilingual update and we have finished rolling out the 1.3 update across all stores you can buy Wild Romance in so get out there and update if you are dying for that Español fix!