Hi, Dergonu here, the translator for Angel, Devil, Elf and Me! (Let’s shorten that to ADE for now, shall we?) Man, time sure does fly by. It feels like I started translating this title just the other day, and now it’s under a week from release! Since the release date is close, I wanted to write a little blog post about the translation process.

(For those of you reading this not familiar with the setting of game etc, we have a page for it on this website, so I won’t spend much time introducing the game in this blog post. You can read a summary and character introductions over on the game’s info page here: https://cherrykissgames.com/angel-devil-elf-and-me/ )

I had so much fun translating this game. Not only is it the first game I have translated for Cherry, but it’s also a title I have had my eyes on for a quite a while. Back before I joined Cherry Kiss as a translator, they held a twitter poll asking which Miel/ Norn games people would like to see translated, and I was one of the people who voted for this title, heh. As a translator it’s always fun being able to work on titles you are passionate about, so I was pretty excited when this was selected as the first game I’d be working on! I have seen many others in Cherry’s discord and on twitter who seem to share this excitement, and that’s always great to see. Hopefully my translation will be to your liking!

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On the note of translation, I think the most fun part of translating ADE was handling the personalities for the girls in the English text. All three of them are very different, so I had to make sure their dialogue properly conveyed those differences. You have the motherly and caring angel, Elysia, the lewd and sexy demon, Rizabel and the shy and pure elf warrior, Hilda- all with their own unique traits and personalities which rubs off on their dialogue.

It’s always a challenge properly translating speech patterns and such from Japanese to English, but I still have a lot of fun doing it, especially when it’s for characters I love. (And I love all three of the girls in this game, that’s for sure!) I do have to admit, Rizabel is my favorite of the three. I just love her personality and her design- not to mention, she has some of the most… “fun” lines in the game. (Though the other two certainly have their fair share of “fun” lines too.)

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While it might be obvious from the game’s summary, this title is rather… lewd. Making “lewd” Japanese sound good in English can be tough. The main reason for this is the way onomatopoeia is used in Japanese, as well as the amount of words and phrases that simply don’t translate well. (Miel/Norn likes to throw lots of these into their scripts, and this game is no exception.) I won’t get into the boring details, so let’s sum it up with- the languages are very different, and that’s very much true in H-scenes too.

Finding colorful and fun ways to translate the lewdest parts of the game caused me some headaches, but it also made me laugh out loud several times when I landed on translation choices I liked, hehe. I worked hard on the translation and I’m happy with the result. Hopefully you guys will be as well!

That’s it for this blog post. Angel, Devil, Elf and Me! Comes out November 7th. I hope everyone will enjoy reading it as much as I did translating it. Until next time!