Late last night I received an email with the *final* chunk of translation for our upcoming release of Wild Romance!

We are proofreading through the complete script now and preparing the final build of the game for release. This is it, the homestretch! We can’t say exactly when but Wild Romance is coming soon.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support of us at Cherry Kiss and for Wild Romance.

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Wild Romance - Translation Complete!

  1. I’m so stoked for this. Been hoping for an 18+ version of Wild Romance since I bought it on Steam almost 7 months ago, started playing it, realized that all of the adult content had been removed and there was no 18+ patch available, and promptly set it aside to wait for a patch to become available.

    I do find myself curious, though, if there’s just going to be the new 18+ version of the full game made available by Cherry Kiss or if there will be an option to purchase an 18+ patch, similar to what SekaiProject has for Neko-NIN exHeart, at a reduced price from the full game.

    I’ve been wanting to play this for long enough that I think I’d shell out for the full version if that was the only option, but I find myself hoping for the patch option.

    1. We want to recognize the support and contributions people have made to Wild Romance over the past year we will have a more ‘official‘ announcement soon about how we are getting the 18+ content out there.

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